Vacation Mambo

Count: 40
Choreographer: Kim Oitzman
Music: Come On Over by Shania Twain



1(Q) Rock-step forward on your left foot.

2(Q) Rock back on right

3-4(S) Step back on left

5(Q) Rock-step back on right foot

6(Q) Rock forward on left

7-8(S) Step forward on right


9-12(QQS) Step forward on left, pivot ½ turn to the right on the QQ. Step forward left on the S.

13-16(QQS) Step forward on the right, pivot ½ turn to the left on the QQ. Step forward with the right on the S.


17-20(QQS) Shift weight left, right in place on the QQ. Simultaneously shift weight left while brushing right foot to the side on the S. (slightly in the air)

21-24(QQS) Repeat starting right. Alternate salsa basic 4 times in place.


25Step to the left

26Make a ½ turn to the left With the weight on your left foot bring your right foot around to face back wall

27-28On the slow, make another ½ turn keeping your weight on the right foot, shift weight to left foot.

End up facing front wall. (keep feet shoulder width apart)

29-32Repeat same turns traveling right.

33-36Repeat 1st 4 counts of the rock-step.


37-40(QQS) hook/cross right foot behind left, ½ turn backwards to the right shifting weight on the 1st Q. On the 2nd Q shift weight to the left foot. On the S, shift weight right. (about face)